Updated 10/13/2022

Is travel on your to-do list, now or in the future? Travel can mean so many different things to many different people. Whenever you do an online search for reasons why people travel, a very long list will display. In the end, that list will not always match your particular reasons for travel. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, traveling will always end up having a personal meaning for you. Some of the most popular reasons why people travel…

1. Self-discovery

2. Explore culture

3. Research for writing

4. Studying abroad

5. Family vacation

6. Girls trip

7. Rejuvenation retreat

8. Business

9. Pure pleasure

10. So on and so on…

Any of them sound familiar? Maybe more than one or maybe none at all. Is your dream to travel? It’s also possible that travel is nowhere near your agenda. After all, what would be the use in spending resources and time away from home, if for no real reason at all? Perhaps traveling without an agenda can also have its own rewards!

So where does your dream ticket take you? When you imagine yourself in a happy place, where does it take you? No matter where you travel to or what you do while there, a kind of reset happens once you return. Your senses are sharper, and your environment speaks to you in a slightly different tone than when you were there last and not long ago. Your views on life, in general, might even change while you are away. Your views on your OWN life might change, as it does in my case. I often find myself having returned with a new thought process on how I should be living my life. In broad and narrow terms. I then find myself questioning my happiness level and what, if anything I need, to change, to make my dreams real.

In the end, don’t forget to ask yourself if you are happy? Was the trip you came from satisfying? Did it feed you the knowledge you didn’t have before? Did it make you realize a new feeling that you had not felt before? Did it give you the slightest of benefit or merely just a renewal? A fresh start. New beginning. Back to daily life and the endless tasks that go along with it. Did it change who you are for the better or worse? This is what travels gives me.

A sense of getting closer to answering my own questions. Why I am here on earth and how I should make sense of the world within mine. Waking up from the daily grind and seeing my life with a clearer perspective is what travel brings for me. The exposure we receive in faraway lands is priceless. Realize this and bring those experiences back with you and see how much your life will change for the better.