Finally we arrive at the ultimate question on the subject of travel…

#3 Must you really “See” everything? I’ve recently started asking my friends this question and I have to say everyone’s reply has been different. There are a few reasons behind the desire to travel and not to travel. Unless you are living under a rock, it has been easy to observe an endless news feed of delicious reads on social media posts that promote both domestic and international travel. Inspiring words, images, and videos that beckon us to dream, hope, wish and find a way to book that flight ticket.

It leaves a person wondering if maybe we are missing out on something. Perhaps we should be imitating what the members of the wanderlust groups are also doing? or perhaps we shouldn’t. You see, it comes down to what you want? What your desires, wishes, dreams, and goals are.

“Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations” according to Wikipedia. As the wiki explains, travel can be local, regional, national or international. So which one are you meant for? Only a few or all of the above? After giving this some thought I personally concluded that I am more of a local and international traveler. It’s either visiting local hot spots or I book that flight ticket and travel across the ocean to another country far far away. This is more my style. Why I do what I do is another question and I hope to answer that next.

Reasons for travel can fall into the following categories:

– Travel to see someone special – There are some who will book a flight out to a new place across the ocean for that special someone. Sometimes that can turn into an exciting trip where the local you are visiting will be very hospitable and show you around the sites. Thus you won’t have to do much researching, planning and reserving. You just grab that flight and go 🙂

– Travel out of curiosity to a specific place that has piqued your interest – Sometimes there are places in the world where our hobbies or personal interests may be located. You could for example be a deep water diving enthusiast. This type of hobby requires travel sometimes to exotic far off locations where it would be best fitting for deep water diving. I mean kitty pools can only be used for so long until you are tired of them. Often this type of traveler will learn about a handful of locations where diving waters are located and continue to revisit them throughout their lifetime.

– Travel for work – This might be the least favorite for some, depending on how much you enjoy traveling for your company. For some, this is the most opportunistic way of traveling on the cheap and mostly on someone else’s dime. The downside is that you end up with a lot of work and don’t get any free time to explore your surroundings while in a foreign place. However you still get to enjoy some of the local authentic cuisine and get at least one or two days off to enjoy the sites. I often hear of people adding to their work days abroad a few vacation days before work begins or after in order to take advantage of the opportunity they have been given to stay in a foreign country.

– Travel for no reason, with no clear goals and no real understanding of what is being observed – Because I am a firm believer in taking your time to really take in the sites, I am often confused as to how some visit so many places for the sake of seeing so many places and yet have no real understanding of what was just observed. What was observed and learned was left behind in that brief moment that it was seen in. I’ve often made friends during my travels and during random conversations, they are mentioning a very long list of places they have seen, most all in a short period of time. When I ask why they saw it and what it meant to them, the answer I usually hear doesn’t really make sense. Often it’s related to just checking off a to-do list. The “just because” answer is what I hear often.

Before I travel far off I always ask myself why. Why I want to travel to that specific place and what will I be getting out of it? Will it potentially enrich my life in some way? Will it feed the curiosity that I’ve had about that place?

– Travel that feeds the soul – Last but not least, the best travel is the one that feeds the soul. When you take your time to save for that trip, something must have inspired you to begin with. Something sparked your imagination. Something told you deep down you gotta go no matter what. So you save, take time off from the daily grind, research, plan and go make it happen. You create a schedule for your trip and leave lots of time left over with no schedule on purpose. That time away decompresses all that pent up stress and frustrations from daily life. You learn and remember to unwind and let it all go.

When you return from a trip done right, you return almost a new person. You returned with a soul discovered and nourished with a new beginning. A reset in a way. You may have discovered a new talent or a new favorite spot. For me, I may have already discovered that special spot. Once I am ready to share it with the world, I will! So to answer the ultimate question in travel, no you don’t have to see everything. It is not necessary or needed. What you can do, is discover the places that speak to your soul and continue your journey from there. Trust me, it will be time well spent.