Wooynana, pronounced [ Wooy-nana] is the moment when you find joy in the simplest of things.

Sweetness in the simplest of actions. Beauty in the simplest of moments. Finding wanderlust in the simplest of environments. Memories remembered from childhood. Laughter found in the quiet moments. Overwhelming feelings bubbling to the top. Nostalgia creating goosebumps. Feelings of sudden anxiety disappearing for just a moment. Letting go and truly finding your life purpose. Since childhood, these have all been moments of Wooynana for me. Introduced by my mother since childhood to simply see what many miss to see.

I had to finally bust out and share my inspirations and musings of life. Wooynana is about blogging about life, traveling and travel safety!


I love learning about other travel bloggers because they are also my inspiration since childhood. Anytime I meet someone who begins to tell me about their blog, the word travel is usually not too far behind. What is it about blogging and travel that is always keeping us intrigued? I will share with you my thoughts and why I always knew I had to start a blog related to not only travel but my observations of how our lives surround it.  

Let me say first, my life is not any more extraordinary than yours. I am an average person who has a regular job, regular friends of all backgrounds, a family I care about and have been living in the same sleepy suburbs of Washington DC for most of my life.  I am unique. Despite all of my similarities to the masses, I am different. I think differently, I feel differently, I express my emotions in a different and sometimes funny way, so I’ve been told. I am Meganoosh.

There is only one of me and if you ever find my doppelganger do let me know, please 😉

Wooynana image of plane in the skies
Sunset from an Airplane is one of the most beautiful sites to see. Can’t get any closer to the sun than this.

So why am I sharing all this with you? Because every blog I have ever read, boring or not has taught me something about something. No matter, it was one line or multiple lines of writing, it still managed to make an impact on me somehow. Taught me something I never knew about. Gave me direction towards something greater than myself. Reading the stories of others continues to bring me closer to what I am searching for. I don’t know yet what I am searching for, but when I figure it out, I’ll be happy to share it with you!

So what is it about travel and blogging that go hand in hand. I think the answer to this question will take a lifetime to answer, and that’s only if I am one of the lucky ones to figure it out. Let us create a simple scenario so we don’t make this too complicated. You wake up, make your bed and continue to follow your morning ritual to get out the door. If you work from home, the out the door part turns into the kitchen table or your home office.

Warwick Castle in the UK. A short drive from London.
This is me at Warwick Castle in the UK. A short drive from London.

No matter your destination, you are traveling somewhere. Makes no difference if it’s a foot away, an hour away or 7 hours away. Every time we step out into the world we learn something new. This newness discovered whether on purpose or an accident is what creates those tingly and hair raising moments that I call Wooynana. Our need and an innate desire to go see what’s around the corner is what contributes to the excitement I think. For me, that need for excitement comes from traveling. Of all my travels, there has never been a time when I returned home with empty thoughts.


Those non-empty thoughts are what turned into Wooynana for me. Sharing these Wooynana moments and ramblings with the world is what brings me happiness. I look forward to discovering alongside you, what the rest is all about. Now let’s go see what’s around that corner…